He is a blissful personality and a soft –spoken individual endowed with rich positive attributes. He is the second son of the founder of K.C. Gurukul Public Schools in       Jammu Province; He is B.E. Mechanical Engineer by profession and has a rich experience of 25 years in the field of food Industry. As a Board Member, he is very much concerned with the basic facilities offered by our school as well as infrastructure available for being a distinct public school around Jammu city. He is very much consistent in disseminating his knowledge with the school staff. He intends to see every child getting a fair chance to enjoy the benefits of various co-curricular activities offered by our school. He often quotes the words of wisdom to find the best in each child and to exploit it to the fullest so that the child carries with him/her the serene memories of golden days spent at alma –master. Coincidently, his own younger son studies in the same school and he feels pride to mention that all round development of his son is subjected to his gurus who are making this very school an unparallel “Powerhouse of knowledge”. He remains a strong partner with our chairman to make this institute a distinct public school in J&K. His allegiance, with our school and his reverend elder brother Mr. Arvind Mahajan, infer that the days are not far off when our children will be bringing laurels to their great institute in due course.


  He is the third son of Sh. Satish Mahajan and youngest chairman in the family having a graduate degree in commerce. Mr. Anil Mahajan has almost 20 years experience in biscuit industry and 10 years in the field of education. He is an outstanding orator and a most talented prolific member of the Board of Directors of K.C. Gurukul Public Schools in Jammu Province. His foresight and personal involvement, in most of the upcoming projects of our school at Paloura, is commendable. He feels immense pleasure to see his own prudent daughter receiving education from a team of dedicated, experienced and highly qualified teachers. He is a personality who is quite ahead of his time and knows exactly what a public school demands in the wake of stiff competition. He often asserts that an English Medium School ought to have an ambience of English and all the pupils must benefit from this ongoing Endeavour of “Spoken English” in general. Worthy Parents must spare, some valuable time, out their hectic schedules to visit our schools to see how their children excel both in Academic and Non – academic fields. A joint approach carried out by the parents as well as teachers, through mutual cooperation, is a key factor in checking the progress of learners in a pragmatic manner. However, teachers must continue their sincere efforts in honing their skills so that children benefit to the maximal levels. Humane touch and effective teaching can go long way in solving various problematic issues of education with bliss.


She is one of well known educationist in Jammu city having bestowed with many awards and recognitions by various establishments. She is not only an Academic Director, but a popular Teachers’ Trainer, Orator and successful Administrators. To her credit, she has bagged a “Lifetime Achievement Award”, “Jewels of India Award and Bal Seva Shram Award”, at New Delhi. She is one of the pioneers in St John’s Ambulance Programme in Jammu and had attended all India and Global CBSE Meet held at Nagpur. Mrs. Puri has immense experience in the field of education in taking care of the core problems and prospects of Syllabi planning as well as recruitment of manpower. She is a Nationally Acclaimed educationist and an experienced teacher endorsed by the British Council- New Delhi. Indeed there is an endless list of her achievements over the decades since has attended many seminars, symposiums, scouting and guiding training programmes across the country. Mrs. Puri is also an experienced psychologist who can easily estimate in depth the aptitude of a child and subsequently can help the child to overcome learning difficulties. She has a good command over English Language and quite frequently she guides the teachers and students, she is popularly known as repository of knowledge and perfectionist. Since she has endeared almost all the teachers and pupils as well. Undoubtedly, she remains as a rare example of moral and humane values amongst all of us. Such a person of great caliber doesn’t need any more introductions. Since her ceaseless endeavours continue  journey ceaselessly to acquire excellence in different spheres of education.

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